Ruby Star Traders

Care Instructions

Your copper furniture should not tarnish beyond a slight ‘antique’ look, which many people find attractive. You may also notice that finger marks leave blackish smudges on the copper surfaces - this is the copper reacting with the chemicals in our skin, and cannot be avoided. Again, some people find this look attractive; others may wish to clean their furniture regularly to keep it sparkling clean.

Your copper furniture can be cleaned and polished by buffing with 000 grade steel wool (found in the paint section of hardware stores) or using regular metal cleaning products like Brasso. Almost any mark or discolouration can be removed with vigorous buffing and polishing.

Please note, some of our earlier copper pieces were lacquered, for 'easy care.' If yours is lacquered, just dust or wipe with a soft dry cloth.

Please use coasters if placing drinks or food on the top of any copper furniture.

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